CMS WordPress

Content management system written in PHP and associated with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

WooCommerce Plugin

Ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small and large online merchants who use WordPress.

debit card
Payments Gateway

We integrate credit cards online payments for your store.

Orders dashboards

Orders management system on your site. Full control of transactions on website.

Orders delivering

We integrate courier systems for honored orders on website.

SEO Optimizing

We integrate the Yoast or RankMath module for a better visibility on SERPs.

E-commerce Web Design Services

Online store

Online store
Online store
1000 Euro / website
    WordPress business theme

    Create company logo

    Create 5 standard pages (first page, about us, store products / services, gallery / portfolio, contact)

    Set up email accounts
    Basic SEO
    Site security tools
    Integrate Google Analytics
    Free changes for 14 days
    Delivery time 25 days

    Online store deployment :
    Products processing / services, maximum 30 (images, prices, descriptions, product categories)
    implementation of taxation / taxation / delivery classes (transport taxes, gratuities, discounts, etc.)
    online payment integrator with
    card order administration, tracking and management panel
    define payment methods for orders (cash on delivery, bank account, card, etc.)
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Extra services
Extra services
    EXTRA PRODUCTS + 5 Euro / product (loading, description, listing)

    MAINTENANCE / SERVICE + 100 Euro/ month (extra security, software and store updates, operative interventions)

    MANAGEMENT / BILLING from 7 Euro/ month (invoicing and / or integrated stock management)

    GOOGLE MAPS +200 Euro (Google My Business account, map listing, product photos, contact details, 5 5 star reviews)

    GDPR POLICY +200 Euro (complete legal documents, mandatory by law for online commerce)

    MULTI LINGUISTIC +800 Euro / each foreign language (translation site in other international languages ​)
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Extra services
Extra services
    E-COMMERCE SEO starting from 500 Euro (complete solutions for optimizing your store in search engine results)

    WEB DESIGN SPECIAL We have solutions to any web design need you can think of. With a message we can solve anything.

    Domain (cost approx. 11 Euro/ year - purchased separately, being your property)

    Specialized e-commerce hosting (approx. 150 Euro / year)

    Product photos (15 Euro / product)
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